Illustrating the risk of risk

Most people have no idea what the definitions are in their trauma policies, matter of fact, most people don’t even have a trauma policy! Considering the huge number of people that suffer some form of trauma or critical illness during their lifetime – this is┬áridiculous!

Critical illness such as heart attacks, stroke or cancer hurt Australian families more than most other events in their lives.

What I find ever more frustrating is people can try to do the right thing and insure their risks, only to find it wasn’t as good as they thought.

I recommend you talk to a qualified financial adviser to ensure you are getting what you expect, and to double check that any existing cover is actually worth the money you are paying for it!

Its important to note, that anyone can get caught, here is an example of a financial adviser who has been caught under a technicality with CommInsure, it makes me mad!

CommInsure challenged over trauma claim.