‘One day most of the family was together in the mailroom, busily sorting through stacks of letters.
Will was on the floor playing. He looked up and said, “Mommy, Daddy can’t move his arms anymore.”
Dana said, “That’s right, Daddy can’t move his arms.”
“And Daddy can’t run around anymore.”
“That’s right; he can’t run around anymore.”
“And daddy can’t talk.”
“That’s right; he can’t talk right now, but he will be able to.”
Then Will paused, screwed up his face in concentration, and burst out happily, “But he can still smile.”
Everyone put down what they were doing and just looked at one another.’
– Christopher Reeve, B.1952, From “Still Me”

Christopher Reeve is an inspirational person who has helped develop spinal injury research and propelled it forward decades. This quote was provided in a small book entitled “Smile”, a gift book given to me by my good friends Ian and Katrina Burrell.