Doctor of what, Doctor Who? Google him?

Many years ago I recall watching the odd episode of Dr Who, but recently, on persistent “proclamation” of its entertainment value, my wife I and finally had a look…

Suffice to say, now I am hooked, but that vice aside, the 50th anniversary is approaching, and Google have innovatively engaged the public (no doubt with millions of hours lost productivity) with a new home page widget.

Google - Google Chrome_2013-11-22_13-01-16

Going Postal over new Bikie Laws

New anti-bikie laws have been introduced to combat the growing violence between gangs, particularly on the Gold Coast.

Just to point out how some rules can be a little over the top, aside from the likes of the Ulysses Club being potential targets, any affiliated group of bike riders with logos or insignia could fall foul…

Going Postal in the Bikie Wars