Ryan PicHi, and welcome!

This is my little corner of the Internet, where we postulate on almost any topic. I have a fancy for a few in particular though: Faith, Family, Flying and Finance. I am to share my thoughts, views and confusions, with the hope that it brings something new and random to your world and you take the time to engage back.

About Ryan David Grant

I am a father of three (fourth in April 2015), a son and two daughters, husband of one gorgeous woman, and friend to many. My main goal is to empower and educate people to make informed decisions, along the journey I hope to entertain and engage a little as well.

LinkedIn ProfileMy desk job is as a financial planner: I am challenged every day to generate ideas, solutions and sometimes just moderate decision-making for my clients, friends and family. I find unwrapping the inner workings, goals and needs of people an honour and delight, and then being able to help them achieve them is even more rewarding. I specialise in retirement planning for DIY Super clients (SMSF), investment portfolio management, and financial risk management.
My non-desk “life” is full with family fun, and occasional flying, it also includes volunteer service at my local church, Life Church. I help run an awesome team including “techies”, sound and lighting gurus in our Production Team. I love to learn from awesome leaders and am inspired to be a better person each day.

Qualifications and Disclosures

As I do discuss money from time to time, I have to let you know the specs and certs I hold which relate to this. I do have a license to provide personal advice to people, this involves learning about their personal situation and exploring what is in their best interests. Everything on this site is general advice, the difference being I can’t tell if its the best thing for you personally, so don’t jump on any bandwagon and run off and try anything without thinking it through (and preferably consulting someone who can help).

For the legal eagles, the details are:

Ryan David Grant (author, and fine looking gentleman above) is an Authorised Representative (322428) of GPS Wealth, Australian Financial Services Licence No 243313.

JPI hold a Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Planning and Investments, from Griffith University; Certification in Self-Managed Superannuation Funds; and Certifications in Finance (Mortgage Broking) and Margin Lending.

Queensland Justice of the Peace (Qualified), and Member of the Queensland Justice Association.