Welcoming Amelia to our family


We are very pleased to announce the safe arrival of our daughter, Amelia Antonia Marie Grant.

Weighing 3.8kg, length 51.5 head. Born this morning at 2:32am. We are doing great, very tired but absolutely‚Äč in love with our beautiful little girl!!

This is a slightly different post as I rarely post things that aren’t business, but a new dad will find any opportunity to boast!!

I’m so excited to welcome our daughter into our family. This got me thinking about how important it is to celebrate the wins in life. This should apply to all areas of our life, the big and the small things. Celebrating life’s achievements helps us stay positive and motivated, and offsets the disappointment when we fail.

The Thomas Eddison approach comes to mind: he didn’t fail to make a working light bulb 10,000 times, he successfully proved 10,000 ways that don’t work!

A big key to managing this properly, is having people celebrate with you. It is not always possible or practical, but when you can – celebrate someone’s win with them (even a high five for fixing a problem)!

All wins in life should be celebrated – I look forward to celebrating this one, feel free to celebrate it with me!